• Born from a firm conviction that personal development

    creates a more conscious society

    The Ekskäret Foundation

  • About the Ekskäret Foundation

    With the aim facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society, the Ekskäret Foundation creates arenas and various initiatives with the goal of stimulating sustainable development at both an individual as well as a societal level.

    With the aim facilitate the co-creation of a conscious society

    Our firm belief is that personal consciousness development contributes to the long-term and sustainable development of individuals as well as businesses and society. Therefore, we encourage questioning and deepening of insights about social norms and values. We want to strengthen the individual's ability to develop a greater sense of empathy, complexity awareness and co-creation, ie basic abilities of consciousness development. With increased responsibility and an expanded leadership, both at the individual level as well as in companies and organizations, we can drive the change that is necessary to respond to current and future societal challenges. This way, we can create lasting systemic changes.


    The Foundation's mission is to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society. We do this by providing arenas for inquisitive exploratory meetings and lifelong learning. The Foundation creates and also supports various initiatives, conferences, seminars, courses, and more with the goal of bringing together individuals, organizations and companies in exploring and learning meetings, often with a cross-border perspective.


    We work together with selected partners from business, non-profit, and academic sectors. The Foundation is non-profit organization and has no religious and ideological affiliations.

  • Our Arenas

    The Ekskäret Foundation creates arenas with the aim to support the co-creation of a more prosperous, fair, and sustainable society.

    Ekskäret Klustret

    Ekskäret Klustret, our co-working space is the obvious place for today's and tomorrow's society developers and change-makers

    At Ekskäret Klustret, we meet and work together for the conscious development of individuals, businesses, and society. Klustret gathers curious entrepreneurs, change-makers and community stakeholders who, through their commitment and activities have the power and the will to contribute to our common vision.


    In March 2016, the doors opened to this co-working space which is an exploratory experiment. In only a few months, a number of key individuals and organizations have chosen to move in with us to be a part of our community, and also to contribute to mutual learning and co-creation of a conscious and sustainable development of a prosperous, fair and sustainable society.
    The venue is located at Mäster Samuelsgatan 36 in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Read more www.ekskaretklustret.se

    The Ekskäret island

    The island where it all began

    The island of Ekskäret (where the oak trees grow), located in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, is the actual place where the Ekskäret Foundation springs from. Today's activities on the island are run by the Ekskäret Foundation and are developed in close harmony with its principles.


    The island provides a breath-taking venue dedicated to curious and explorative initiatives, such as the Protus youth camps, courses in personal development and other exploratory meetings.


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  • Our inititatives

    The Foundation strives to be a catalyst and an active co-creator of social change by stimulating individuals' personal development and lifelong learning. We do this by creating new explorative initiatives, either by ourselves or in collaboration with our partners within the industry, the non-profit sectors, or the Academy. They all play an important role as co-creators in our curious exploration of the world.

    Sime Consciousness

    Sime Consciousness is created by Sime together with the Ekskäret Foundation. On May 31, 2016 we co-created the first conference at the Rival hotel in Stockholm.

    The day focused on modern leadership, happiness, personal development as well as on the way we live, work, and play in an increasingly complex world.

    Next Sime Consciousness is planned for spring 2017.


    Please note, video in Swedish only.


    - from cell to society


    Together with the interdisciplinary research center, the Centre for Social Sustainability (CSS) at the Karolinska Institute, the Ekskäret Foundation organizes exploratory meetings and conferences.

    Together we have created a series of conferences on the themes Social sustainability and Trust and in December 2016 we are scheduling a conference on Wisdom.


    Please note, video in Swedish only.

    Learning Labs

    The Foundation is also initiating Learning Labs which can be in the form of exploratory workshops, seminars, discussions or meetings. The common denominator is personal development and social change.





    Protus youth camps

    Established in 2008, Protus initiate highly appreciated youth camps in Sweden where teenagers from ages 14-17 are allowed to curiously explore existential questions.

    The camps are a religiously and ideologically independent alternative to confirmation camps and are held in the Stockholm archipelago, in Skåne and in Värmland, Sweden.


    To date, over 700 teenagers have experienced the out-standing youth camps.


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    Personal development

    A guide to live your life well​.


    The Ekskäret Foundation has initiated courses for adults who are curious about the big questions in life. During a three day-course, the participants will be guided through tools which helps them to find out what is important, what makes them feel good and what gives them a feeling of meaning in life.

    The course is experience-based, and the theories and tools are based on empirical research in the areas of motivation, neuroscience, personal values and positive psychology. It consists of a balanced mix of exercises, discussions and time for reflection.

    These few days that might change the way you are of thinking about life...

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  • "I want to give change momentum"

    Quote by Tomas Björkman, founder of Ekskäret Foundation

  • Meet the board

    The Board of Directors of Ekskäret Foundation is comprised by:

    Harry McNeil

    Chairman of the Board

    Harry is the CEO of Telge Tillväxt and founder of the SE Forum, Framtidsboxen, Protus and the entrepreneurial company The Good Guys. He has worked with a wide range of tasks, from management consulting to NGO involvement in various countries, thus bringing important experience and perspectives from business and leadership development. Harry also contributes with his contageous enthusiasm and his ability to mesmerize people when he speaks.

    Christina Andersson

    Board member

    Christina is a psychologist, researcher and writer as well as founder of the Center for Social Sustainability (CSS) at the Karolinska Institute. Through her academic knowledge and pedagogic abilities, Christina always provides a scientific perspective and new angles in the development of the Ekskäret Foundation.

    Tomas Björkman

    Tomas Björkman

    Board member

    'Tomas is an entrepreneur and financier, and has over the past 25 years built innovative international companies in the areas of banking and real estate. His entrepreneurship combined with a keen interest in both society and science led to the creation of the the Ekskäret Foundation in 2008. Ever since, Tomas has contributed to strategic and operational support, always full of curiosity, energy and commitment. Tomas' personal website.

    Erik Fernholm

    Board member

    Erik has an academic background in cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology, and has, among other things, founded the teacher training Bättre skolor (Better Schools). He works as a trainer in research about well-being, motivation and sustainable leadership, and helps us to understand and incorporate motivation theories into our methodology. Erik's journey started in the extreme sports, and from there grew an interest in the challenges and the search for meaning that we at the Ekskäret Foundation are inspired by.

    Maja Frankel

    Board member

    Maja is a social entrepreneur and has, among other things founded Framtidsboxen and consulting firm Frankel & Friends, specialized in human rights and democracy projects. Today, she is heading the Scandinavian area at Ashoka, the world's leading organization for social entrepreneurs. Previously, she was vice chairman of the Swedish UNICEF as well as lecturer, course and process leader within social issues Maja has bachelor's degree in Media and Communication Studies and Global development and educated at the Chaos pilots. Maja contributes to the Ekskäret Foundation with indepth knowledge of social entrepreneurship as a force for change.

    Göran Gennvi

    Board member

    Göran is the founder of the Naturaakademin Learning Lab AB. He was one of the pioneers who introduced methods for transformative development in Sweden and Europe, through close collaboration with Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer. He has conducted numerous "Nature Quest" with both Swedish and international top leaders. Göran possesses unique knowledge about how these techniques work and are implemented, which is of high value for the Ekskäret Foundation.

    Hanna Hallin

    Board member

    Hanna has a background as the director of Sektor3 - think tank for the civil society, and as Chairwoman of the LSU - Sweden's youth organizations. Today she works with sustainability in business. Hanna helps the Ekskäret Foundation with new and important angles on human rights, youth leadership and sustainable development, but also with the knowledge of how these thoughts can be communicated to others.

    Jan Artem Henriksson

    Board member

    Jan is a co-founder of the SelfLeaders, training in values-based leadership both in business and in a number of higher educational institutions (such as KTH, Chalmers, Uppsala University and Stockholm School of Economics). Jan contributes to the Ekskäret Foundation by his great interest in, and knowledge about issues related to conscious development and system thinking when it comes to creating value-driven leaders and organizations.

    Claes Nordén

    Board member

    Claes's degree in engineering physics, and previously worked in communications, first as a Consultant at Kreab Gavin Andersson and later as Communications Director at the telecom company Alcatel. With this background, Claes was a co-founder of the Ekskäret Foundation as well as Protus that manages youth camps on the island of Ekskäret. Claes has both feet on the ground and makes great visions becomes a reality.

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